The Big Legrowlski Portland Oregon Growlers

Beer. White Russians. Music.

Portland, Oregon Growler Station & Bar — The Pearl District

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When We Met/Vigil & Thieves/The Wild Jumps

3 bands, 3 bucks! 
Starting off the party at 9pm, The Wild Jumps who identify as a PUNK band will bring high-energy music that will not fade into the background, known for amped-up ridiculous stage shows.. followed by:
Vigil And Thieves, an indie alternative quartet ON TOUR from Kansas City that can’t quite grasp the concept of writing happy love songs. LOUD & Pretty., stick around for: 
When We Met as they bring the evening to a close celebrating one half of this New Wave indie ROCK duos birthdays! See for yourself the band that just does not quite know how to "fit in", but loves to ROCK OUT!

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