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Tigers of Youth (Feat. Shae Altered & Delta Ave)

Join us for a special cocktail hour set with Portland locals Tigers of Youth, Shae Altered and Delta Avenue.

5 p.m. - 8 p.m | $5 at door, cash only

Tigers of Youth: High-energy beats, catchy melodies, and earnest lyrics blend into unique, passionate songwriting. TOY exists to create music for both old souls + the young at heart.  Stylistic inspiration comes from groups such as Young the Giant, Vampire Weekend and Twenty One Pilots.

Listen to their latest track Rose Twisted Round:

Shae Altered: Shae makes pop music for sad bitches. A Portland Oregon based indie artist who wraps herself in gloomy pop songs with driving beats. Feeling comfortable in the dark, she features analog synths paired with haunting and often unconventional melodies. Shae Altered lets her teeth sink into you in a way that only draws a little bit of blood, yet brings you back for another bite.

Listen to her latest track I Don’t Feel Right:

Delta Avenue: 5 piece rock/pop band from Portland

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