The Big Legrowlski Portland Oregon Growlers

Beer. White Russians. Music.

Portland, Oregon Growler Station & Bar — The Pearl District

the dude’s studio

 Fuck it dude… let’s go recording!

Fuck it dude… let’s go recording!


The Roland really ties the room together

We have everything you need to lay down professional tracks. A 16 track interface and the microphones and amps to go with. We also have a collection of instruments that you are welcome to experiment with. Beyond that, we have a house engineer. Abide!

Our house engineer - Jordan Hargreaves

music producer portland

Jordan is a producer that handles music production at Big Legrowlski. He’s worked in a number of music venues and recording studios in Nashville, Tennessee and Portland, Oregon handling sound, production, booking, recording, and mixing. Jordan is a multi-instrumentalist and recording artist whose body of work spans from country and folk to psychedelic rock and R&B. Aside from recording and mixing, Jordan can also help with the hiring of session musicians, arrangements, instrumentation, and the next steps of post-production and promotion.


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