The Big Legrowlski Portland Oregon Growlers Live Music

Beer. White Russians. Music.

Portland, Oregon Growler Station & Bar — The Pearl District

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Fuck it dude… let’s go recording!

Fuck it dude… let’s go recording!


The Roland really ties the room together

We have everything you need to lay down professional tracks. A 16 track interface and the microphones and amps to go with. We also have a collection of instruments that you are welcome to experiment with. Beyond that, we have a house engineer. Abide!

Our house engineerS

Our house engineers handle , recording, production, and mixing. Their body of work spans from country and folk to psychedelic rock and R&B. Aside from recording and mixing, he can also help with the hiring of session musicians, arrangements, instrumentation, and the next steps of post-production and promotion.



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